When you quit drinking, the more obvious and immediate benefit is you are breaking a bad habit. However, over time the benefits of sobering up can really become more evident as you begin to feel better and notice significant positive changes. Most people quit abusing alcohol because they recognize they have a problem or their life has become unmanageable because of their substance use. Not many people realize that there are multiple benefits to not drinking when they first decide to put the bottle down.   What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Drinking When you stop ingesting alcohol, […]

The world is in the midst of an obesity epidemic. Currently, 69% of adults are overweight while more than one third (35%) are obese. Children are not untouched by this frightening reality as 32% are overweight, 17% of whom are obese. Most of world’s Heart Association supports a multipronged approach to address this problem including creating and implementing policies designed to improve access to affordable, nutritious foods and beverages, thereby making it easier for consumers to choose healthier foods consistent with Dietary Guidelines . One of these approaches is to reduce the consumption of sugary beverages among peoples, especially children […]