Matilda comment : The Scotch Whisky Association has permitted for years Pernod Ricard’s DUNBAR Whisky brand owners to market and distribute WHISKY in Uruguay and Venezuela with a COAT OF ARMS stamped on the front label, and so making it a look like of genuine Scotch Whisky ? This is weird,  is not it  ?!!!!! Why is the SWA allowing its member to break the rules while SWA is chasing Pernod Ricard’s competitors all over the world for doing the very thing ? Obviously the SWA is in bed with Pernod Ricard , trust me ! SWA is sending inspectors […]

Scottish Spirits presents a new licensing program to liquor importers and promoting the local economy – AYE! Posted by admin on March 27, 2017 Scottish Spirits® trademark is registered in over 50 countries and still counting The licensing program is simple: Scottish Spirits Ltd will lend its trademark to the affiliate during a 10 years period, the local bottler shall solely purchase its Scotch Whisky from Scottish Spirits Ltd and in return the local bottler will be allowed to purchase locally the dry components such as glass bottles, caps, labels, master cases to promote de local economy and save on […]

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has welcomed a new strategy by the Scottish food and drink sector that aims to double the size of the total industry to £30 billion by 2030. The vision, titled Ambition 30, has been developed by the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership, an industry-led partnership of the main organisations in the farming, fishing, food and drink sector, alongside the Scottish Government and its key agencies. It aims to cement food and drink as Scotland’s most valuable industry. “Scottish food and drink is of significant importance to the country’s economic and export performance, with Scotch Whisky playing […]

  UGGLY NEWS THE SCOTCH WHISKY ASSOCIATION IS NOT ANY MORE AN OBJECTIVE INDEPENDENT REGULATORY AGENCY   The SWA is not regulating the Scotch whisky sector as it should be – impartially and independently in accordance with their statute and Scottish laws.   In recent years the SWA have been manipulated by its largest members to protect their very own interests “and their brands” to pressure SAW to pass regulations clearly in their favor instead of protecting the Scotch whisky industry and of course leaving behind the smallest distillers that does not have the money to lobby against the industry giants. […]

For many, this will involve raising a glass of Scotland’s national spirit, but others may be in want of something a little sweeter or lighter – and The Spirits Business is happy to oblige. Scotland’s rich spirits industry also spans gin, vodka and liqueurs, and even brandy and rum, meaning Scotch sceptics needn’t have an empty glass this Burns Night. To view More .. Top 10 Scottish spirits that aren’t Scotch