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Fake Liquor Sales on the Rise During Quarantine

With stay at home orders in place across the globe Alcohol sales have increased dramatically. Along with that so have the sales of one company selling ‘Fake’ Alcohol. ArKay Beverages, has been making Fake Alcohol since 2011, is seeing a significant rise in sales.

The US based company said “After a run of a few days early on with very little activity our site exploded with sales registering a sale almost every minute.” Said Reynald Grattagliano the inventor and VP of the Fake Liquor company.

“We make Alcohol Alternatives. Do you like VodkaTequilaRums or Whiskeys? We have alternatives for everything you can imagine.” When asked what was spurring the sales of his Fake alcohol he said “I can only imagine it is due to people being quarantined. When we are alone, we take time to listen to ourselves, our bodies. Alcohol is damaging to the body but when we are constantly running around, we don’t take the time to listen. During quiet and scary times like these it becomes our responsibility to listen to ourselves.”

With the growth of mindfulness and sober curious culture, these uncomfortable times of quarantine could actually make for a population of a more in touch citizenry. Having the option to skip the booze, and not have to be forced to drink sugar, (yet another drug) ArKay is giving people the opportunity to live more self-aware lives.

We’ve had fake meats on the market for many years and today ArKay is offering a great option for those who would like to stop drinking or curtail their drinking during this time. Fake alcohol is not a gimmick it’s an option, like the beyond burger ArKay is going Beyond Spirits.

Written by: Martin Jon



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