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Copper Pot Distilled Non Alcoholic Gin- Illegal promotional claim.

Copper Pot Distilled Non Alcoholic Gin” War breaks out as THE SCOTTISH SPIRITS ASSOCIATION accuses SEEDLIP of illegal promotional claim.

The Scottish Spirits Association is warning consumers “not to be taken in “by SeedLip a new product claiming to be “The World First Non-Alcoholic Spirits Copper Pot Distilled” and is signaling its intent to fight against the introduction of an illegal product.

UK Based Seedlip drinks says “Its alcohol free botanical Gin” is available on the market but the SCOTTICH SPIRITS ASSOCIATION says that GIN is internationally, understood to be a distilled beverages.

Seedlip launched what it describes as “The World First Non Alcoholic Spirits Copper Pot Distilled “, the company says that the product is designed for individuals as”what to drink when you are not drinking”

Claiming that Seedlip promotional claim, describing the product as BOTANICAL GIN, is illegal under UK and European Law, the Association says that law are in place to maintain the reputation of GIN as a quality product to protect the consumers.

Claiming that Seedlip promotional claim describing the product as “POT DISTILLED SPIRITS” is illegal under UK and EEC laws.

European Legislation prohibits the name GIN or BOTANICAL GIN or POT DISTILLED to describe or present in any way whatsoever any drink other than GIN.

Such promotion is taking advantage of the very high  quality reputation of the product that is GIN , which is a distilled spirit produced from natural ingredient when it is in fact Seedlip is just a soft drink with artificial flavoring.

Not only consumers be confused but such product unfairly trade on the reputation of genuine GIN.

For more information you may contact The Scottish Spirits Association:
[email protected]
Place of the release: Brussels- Belgium BY MACIEJ HEYMAN

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