Scotch Whisky

Thank you Matilda

Matilda comment :

The Scotch Whisky Association has permitted for years Pernod Ricard’s DUNBAR Whisky brand owners to market and distribute WHISKY in Uruguay and Venezuela with a COAT OF ARMS stamped on the front label, and so making it a look like of genuine Scotch Whisky ?

This is weird,  is not it  ?!!!!!

Why is the SWA allowing its member to break the rules while SWA is chasing Pernod Ricard’s competitors all over the world for doing the very thing ?

Obviously the SWA is in bed with Pernod Ricard , trust me !

SWA is sending inspectors all over the world posing as fake customers visiting liquor manufacturers .

Is it true or not  Sir ? and are these people SWA inspectors ? Lum Chou,Astrid, Hazel Padilla,  Aajjaay Advani , CEstate, Luis Reyes , Brit Juhanson , Rajesh Nair , Limbach Gernot , Fujisawa Bristol Corporation , Franc Van der Knaapand.


Matilda thanks you for your input.

 We need  Sherlock Holmes to help solve this enigma

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